How To Guide MIUI12~13 A11~12 0 12.1 UNLOCK ROOT Picture guide unlock bootloader, flash custom ROMs & root Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Page 16

Interestingly, the network connection and battery backup of this custom ROM is efficient, which are among the reasons many people prefer it. Techies have confirmed that this custom ROM delivers a smooth and seamless Android Pie experience on installed devices. The developers of this ROM are solidly behind it, providing constant updates to the OS for a better experience. So, you should ensure to backup all important data on the phone- like contacts, messages, app data, etc. It is very necessary, to avoid loss of data after flashing. After you complete the bootloader unlocking process, you can proceed and install custom firmware recovery on the site. Now, here comes the main step, unlocking the bootloader.

  • Pixel switching happens quite quickly on Twisted Nematic (TN) LCDs, which is why gaming monitors are built on this technology.
  • As seen on similar comparison tests, though the gap in CPU performance continues to slim, older flagship chipsets still maintain a healthy advantage in terms of GPU.
  • He is a Computer Science Graduate and Certified Android Developer, Making His Career towards this Technology.
  • In terms of the camera and the display, however, it has no advantage.
  • But if you relocked your bootloader, you should unlock the bootloader.
  • The X3 Pro ships with

The POCO X3 Pro is a step up above the POCO X3 NFC that launched in the latter half of 2020, but it’s still more or less the same device with some slightly changed internals. Both devices look the same, and nobody could really blame you for mixing the two up. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth picking up, but the devices are so similar that holding them side by side, it would be hard to tell them apart. It’s fast, it’s smooth, and the Snapdragon 860 can keep up with pretty much everything that you throw at it in a day-to-day sense. It’s not the best chipset on the market and nor is it close to it, but it’s an interesting chip from Qualcomm that helps to fill the gap between mid-range and flagship. The POCO X3 Pro packs a headphone jack – a commonality between mid-range devices.

I just bought this phone (8 GB/256 GB) to replace my Xiaomi Mi 5 (3GB/64 GB) and I love it. I bought this phone about an year ago and still performing outstanding at every aspect. I bought it about 3 months ago and I am very satisfied, nfc has 256 GB. I have had the phone for a year now, during this time it has fallen several times, sometimes without a case, there is no damage on the case. Can you check if my phone is connected to a supercomputer? No matter what function I select, my phone acts independently, kidding.

poco x3 pro stock rom yükleme

XIAOMI POCO X3 NFC is mid end smartphone with new Sony sensor camera IMX682 for give impressive photos and steady video recording. We are recommended to buy XIAOMI POCO X3 NFC for daily activity and fun. Since we took a very detailed look at the specs of this phone as well as its design features and its price, you must already have an idea on whether you like it or not. However, here are the pros and cons of Poco X3 Pro to help you decide if you want to get this smartphone. Along with the high performance that it offers, the phone’s battery life is quite lengthy as well. Featuring a 5160 mAh Li-Po battery, you can expect to use this phone for quite a while without having to charge.

Electronic stabilization is available on the primary and ultrawide cameras. SuperSteady mode on the main camera works well but videos are cropped in the center and max resolution is only 1080p. The sound itself is loud and the quality is quite good and balanced.

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