DriveSure Data Breach

DriveSure may be a training system that helps car dealerships to build consumer loyalty. It has many customers that subscribe to its training and course material. They offer their titles, addresses, contact numbers and email messages to the site.

In 12 2020, DriveSure suffered a data breach which triggered 26GB of private information getting downloaded and distributed on a cracking forum. This included 2. 6 million unique email addresses, names, contact numbers and physical addresses. Automobile information was also open including makes, models, VIN numbers and odometer psychic readings.

The online hackers made the DriveSure info available for totally free on multiple hacking discussion boards, so it was freely accessible to any individual. The attackers broke up with a 22GB folder which usually contained DriveSure’s MySQL databases, disclosing 91 hypersensitive databases.

PII was within the dump, and also damage claims, extended car details and dealer and warranty info. These were all of the prime pertaining to exploitation by simply other threat actors.

Above 93, 000 bcrypt hashed passwords were also made public. Even though stronger than SHA1 and MD5, bcrypt passwords can still be brute-forced when downloaded from a server, Risk Based Secureness explained.

Possessing poor username and password can allow an attacker of stealing your computer data from the machine, so it could be important to improve them at the earliest opportunity. In addition , it’s a good idea to wipe hard drive on your computer before disposing of it in order to avoid any info from becoming accidentally or maliciously subjected. You can do this employing a data damage system or building a fresh installation of the operating system.

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